Setting the Arab-Israeli Conflict Right-Side Up

       The historiography of the Arab-Israeli conflict, as much as any history can be, has been hi-jacked by politics. Masses of literature written about this conflict illustrates more accurately an ideological war waged on bookshelves rather than an accurate recording of historic events in Palestine.

       Every modern component to this conflict has its roots in events that began happening over 100 years ago. The scope and complexity of the struggle has evolved throughout the years, but each area of contention inevitably leads back to a core set of grievances that are referred to as if they happened yesterday.

       The solution to this conflict can not ignore the past, and if the past is so instrumental in determining the future, it is vital to get it right. Neither side will cooperate in a resolution to the conflict if the foundation for it is based on demonstrable lies.

       This Website is the result of several years of studying this conflict. It is intended to serve as a collection of quotes, citations, and facts related to key issues of the Arab-Israeli conflict for easy reference. Submissions to include content to the site are encouraged.